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Welcome to “Inside the Hive”

One of the things I have had more fun doing than anything else this last year is buzzing around! Not a bee person? Well, check out bzzagent.com and you might just change your mind. If you have know the value of Word of Mouth marketing you will know what this site is about very quickly!

OK, so I don’t get paid and they give out a few rewards that really aren’t enough to get me so excited about becoming a volunteer buzzer about products they are marketing but I just like the whole feeling about being connected to the hive and getting a peak at new products before anyone else does. I think Seth Godin would call that being an “early adopter.” WOM and Permission-Based marketing people love early adopters… Maybe I am really just a marketing voyeur!

Now this WOM company is opening their hive to the world with their new blog. Talk about being a voyeur. Read company emails, view campaign materials, and hear all the buzz.

I started off with this company as a result of Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow” marketing book. I love Seth’s original stuff and if he was using this company to market his book, well that deserved a look see… Now Seth has a new book out that is even more original if you can believe that called “Free Prize Inside!” I get a free book just for joining up to buzz about this campaign!

Parenting as a Spiritual Path

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it!
Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

As individuals in families and in the world, each of us must find our own path to personal freedom and personal transformation. How can you release your creative human spirit in parenting so that it transforms from frustration to a joyful calling? A true path is a road map that includes proven practices, community support along the way, and possibly the gift of a true teacher. Most important, a true path of parenting from a spiritual perspective will ignite in you a higher purpose for a life based in love for all people.

Action Plan: How can you make parenting a passion? What proven, parenting practices can you use with your children? Where do you find your community support? Who is a “true teacher” on parenting for you? Click the comment link to share…

American People


This is an expressionistic painting/collage using an old Natural Science Illustrated book cover as my canvas. I used actual pages from the book for the paper boy/girl dolls. The rest is obvious, I think… 🙂

Click on the picture for a bigger view.

The “E” Words: 5 ways to build a stronger family.

To often we tell are children what we “don’t” want them to do instead of what we do want them to do. We forget that each child has unique gifts and abilities. Our jobs as parents is to provide a way for that to blossom and grow. Here’s some motivational concepts you probably won’t hear at your run of the mill parenting class. Let the action steps help you nurture your family (and you)…

1. Empowerment:

Empowerment is the means and opportunity to make decisions and take
actions that directly affect each person in your family. How are you empowering your child to be who they are vs telling them who they are not?

2. Entrustment:

This is how parents transfer power and self-control downward in an family. You must use clear expectation and create a democratic decision making environment. Let your child think for himself or herself. The solutions to a problem will not always be the best the natural consequences of their own actions will make them smarter and more mature.

How will you communicate your belief in your child’s abilities and decision-making skills in the next week?

3. Ennoblement:

Get a vision of the big picture about your parenting and your family. Is today really just about laundry and homework or are there bigger issues and long-term lesson you want to teach. Parents have to accept that each person in the family is needed to the success of the family. It does not rest on one person although adults will have more responsibility than the children. That doesn’t mean less ownership.

Communicate your vision for your family to your child like a corporation might do with a mission statement. Most kids don’t mind because they have the wrong motivation. They think this is about me playing and mom doing everything else. Not so! Talk about this vision today…

4. Enablement:

Your kids can’t do anything they haven’t been taught to do. They won’t do anything you don’t do! Be a role model for what you want to see in your family. Ensure that the necessary support is in place to help your child be successful at home. If you don’t know what they want or need, ask them: “How can mommy and daddy help you do ______?”

Take some time to listen to your children’s conversation to each other or to their peers. What does it tell you about what you need to change in the home?

5. Enrichment

This “E” word summarizes all the other concepts. It refers to the need be a “coach” to your child to train your child with the emotional and social skills they need and help them understanding their abilities by experiencing their limitations. It allows for mistakes (in them and you) with lots of empathy and cheer leading to try again.

Parents must look at the inner person and not just the outer behaviors. Find the child’s hot button and focus on character issues, not whining and tantrums. For every misbehavior, ask why? Why are they whining? Ask why again, if needed, until you get to the root cause of the behavior and address that issue, not the fruit of it. Learn to reflect feelings and not give lectures.

Share your thoughts on these 5 “E” words to build family strength…click the comment link.

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What “Must” you do? Really?

“Must” #1 (a demand on yourself): “I MUST do well and get approval, or else I’m worthless.” This demand causes anxiety, depression, and lack of assertiveness.

“Must” #2 (a demand on others): “You MUST treat me reasonably, considerately, and lovingly, or else you’re no good.” This “must” leads to resentment, hostility, and violence.

“Must” #3 (a demand on situations): “Life MUST be fair, easy, and hassle-free, or else it’s awful.” This thinking is associated with hopelessness, procrastination, and addictions.

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School of Developmental Expressive Disorder


Further adventures of Altering a DSM III. This category plays with the “found words” of the actual diagnosis “Developmental Expressive” disorder with my attempt at an expressionistic drawing. Hey, I had fun ok!

Get creative. Make you life a masterpiece.

Ron 🙂

Test Me Collage


I tore up a testing catalog (respectfully of course) and pasted titles of actual psychological tests to make this random collage. I had no plan of what the actual results would be…as you can tell 🙂

You can see more at http://ronhuxley.blogs.com/privatepracticebuilding/art/