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Brain Dominance Test and Parenting

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According to an online brain dominance test, I am a little more right hemisphere dominate than left. Try this test yourself:

Brain Dominance Test (Online-Test) – test your brain dominance – The IPN

My results stated the following: Tips to activate the left cerebral hemisphere:

Bring a sense of order into your life, plan the day’s activities, do not talk about things you do not like, avoid sad music, movies, or other activities. Become physically more active by doing athletics, exercise doing math in your head, read a book, that challenges you and gets your full attention.

What would happen if I have a child that is very “left-brained” while I am very “right-brained”? Actually, this is a true statement. My daughter has dreams of becoming an accountant and loves anything mathematical. I struggle with math and being an accountant would be a nightmare to me. I put off doing my taxes to the very last minute. 

It is important that we take brain dominance into account when we are parenting. Our likes and personalities will be different if our brain dominance is different. Our ways of solving problems, patience levels and tolerances will be different too. This can affect our acceptance and empathy of our child. It can create a wedge in our communication as well. 

How has brain dominance affected your parenting? What did it do to you as a child with your own parents? Click the comment link to share…


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