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Add or Subtract Parenting

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One way of looking at parents is as additive or subtractive. If you are the former, you tend to look at how to add new skills or build your parenting over time, collecting new ideas and parenting tools. If you are the latter, you look for ways to prune out bad parenting behaviors, eliminate unwanted parenting beliefs. One way of parenting involves parenting by learning. The other by introspection. Both are necessary to be the type of parent you want to be. Some of us are more naturally good at one type over the other. It can be frustrating when there are two parents, in the home, with different styles of parenting.

Which type of parent are you? What types of behaviors do you engage in that makes you feel you are one way or the other? How do you handle parents with other styles and how do they cope with you? Click the comment link to share…

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