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“Fallen Leaves” – A surreal story…just for fun!

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…the howls of the dogs were barely discernable through the trees but he knew they coming for him. Starved for days by their unearthy masters and driven mad with rage by whips and hot brands, nothing would stop the hounds pursuit. None of that was of any concern right now to the man watching golden brown leaves falling from the trees. They piled silently atop white mounds of snow, twisting in the morning sunlight like small dancing faries. The howls grew louder, closer. Sluggishly awaking from a dream like state, the man poured out small flower seeds from a leather pouch and cast them across the ground. When the dogs and their fire breathing masters rode by all they saw was a wall of sunflowers, twenty feet high and giving off a pungent smell, causing them to move eastward, away from the man fallen on the carpet of leaves and snow, a slight smile on his sleeping face…


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