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Spiritual but not Religious

I will be hosting a symposium with a panel of faith-based artists discussing the theme of “Spiritual but not Religious.” I would like to get your alls feedback and thoughts on the questions below and/or any other questions you feel would be good to ask the panel members:

1. How does God inspire your art?
2. Is all art God inspired?
3. What relationship do you feel the church should have with art and artists and vice versa?
4. What is the difference between religion and spirituality?
5. What is postmodernism and how does it relate to the church/art today?
6. What do you feel is God’s vision/will for art in the central valley?
7. What can someone do now to be more involved in faith-based or God inspired art?

Thanks for your help!


Shaping our lives

Shaping our lives
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This Prayer…

> This prayer is a continuation
> of the last one and
> and the one before that-
> all words of desperation.
> Thank God for the Spirit
> sorting my grunts
> moans, and whining
> through the firmament.
> I keep making appeals
> wrestling with God
> seeking his blessing
> knowing they’re no deals.
> Different words, same hope
> the cry of all children
> save me, save me O Lord
> help me, help me to cope

Want to be a craft fair tycoon?

Try this “crafty” lil article: http://www.aol.entrepreneur.com/aolsb/main/article/0,4558,320918,00.html

Art Show – Updates!

I will be in a local art show called Art N Soul: Spiritual, Not Religous. I will be featuring three mixed media painting with Crosses as the central theme. This will take place on May 6th. If anyone is in the Fresno, Central California area, let me know and I will give you directions to stop by…or we still need faith-based artists to contribute works (visual, song, dance, writing, etc.).

On the 13th I will be going to a convention for Marriage Family Therapists and displaying my altered DSM III (diagnostic manual of mental disorders). It will be a full spring for me 🙂

ATC – Heavenly Wisdom

ATC – Heavenly Wisdom
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Who is Your Support Network?

ATC – Be Aware
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Who is your support network? When you are having a bad hair day or a bad day with kids, who do you naturally turn to? Who turns to you? What makes for a good friend/supportive network? Thanks for sharing…click the comment link!

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What is beauty?

ATC – beauty
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How do you define beauty? Is beauty over rated in society? Is there just one type of beauty? When we talk of “inner beauty” how does that differ and is there really such a thing? How does the medias idea of beauty affect our children? Tell us your thoughts?

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ATC made for a friend

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Touch Graph

I ran across an interesting application that works with lj called touch graph ( WWW.TOUCHGRAPH.COM ). It is a graphic search of users in the lj community. check it out…