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The First Creative Act?

Donald Winnicott was a British Pediatrician and Psychoanalyst from 1930 to 1971. Considered a revolutionary thinker for his time, Winnicott felt that the first creative act of the infant was to fashion a “transitional object.”

Winnicott considered a healthy emotional life to be based on the quality of one’s relationships. Unfortunately, anxiety inevitably rises as no two persons experiences are the same and no perfect communication or relation can possibly occur. Our ability to manage the space between ourselves and others is called our “transitional space.” A babies deals with this by creating an object to take the place of a missing and imperfect parent. This object may be a blanket or stuffed animal and provides soothing when mom and dad are unavailable.

This creative process continues into adulthood as we fashion more elaborate transitional objects and discovver more and more inadequacies in relationships. We might use art, religion, or material (and expensive) objects to fill in our emotional gaps.

The goal for Winnicott to be a healthy (and creative) human being is to make a distinction between our True Self (the part that is aware of and able to manage the transitional space) and the False Self (the part that seeks meaning by fulfilling the needs of others or filling the widening hole of the transitional space with stuff!).

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Ink Blot Test

Have you ever stared into an ink blot? Psychologists use them to get insight into their clients inner psyches as they project them onto the images. Take a look see at this interesting web site with images of faces in them. YOu might see something else entirely. Truthfully, some of them scared me. Now what would my therapist say about that?


Creative Ingredients

I was just wondering what the three basic ingredients of Creativity might be if I was limited to just listing three. Why three? I don’t know but it seems like such a simple number and expresses simplicity for all. As in, it is as easy as “1-2-3.” Or maybe that is as far as my lil brain could think about right now without overloading. Either way, here are the three things I thought about:

  • Discipline
  • Attitude
  • Community
  • I will talk more about my thoughts in further posts. In the meantime, what do these three ingredients for creativity mean to you? Do you agree or disagree? Click the comments link below…

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