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By Ron Huxley

The coffee was as dark as the bird that watched him.
It kept angling his head to get a better perspective
of the shadow of his former self.

It didn’t annoy him. It almost made him laugh
Watching the bird watch him
felt like looking through two mirrors,
stretching his image for Eternity.

Bordeom brushed the bird off
its winter stripped perch,
sucked him back to the little ripples
of the dark, oily liquid,
divining, waiting, wanting…

How strange were those waves –
his hand wasn’t moving –
Only his mind floated,
bouncing along the currents,
crashing to the edge of the cup,
starting in the center again.

Just like the Mobius Strip of the events of the past few days…

Attitudes, Beliefs and Behavior Determine Goals

Attitudes, Beliefs and Behavior Determine Goals

Make these tools more effective by “speaking” up and sharing your creative voice on how you are using goals in your life, what you struggle with creatively, where you need to grow or change to be more creative.

There are three important elements for your personal and professional success: (1) the attitude that you have toward your personal and professional life, (2) the beliefs you model your personal and business life around, and (3) the behavior that you have towards yourself and others. These three elements are tightly connected and interwoven, and can either make or break the personal and professional confidence with which you set, and meet, your goals.

Let’s break these three elements down even further.

• Attitudes: Attitudes are the ways that you react to situations, and to people, based on the assumptions and the beliefs that you have learned.
• Beliefs: Your beliefs are the conjectures that you make about yourself, other people, and situations. Your beliefs are based on what you think and how you think things are. Your beliefs will make you react the way that you do and cause your expectations to remain within a certain framework of thoughts.
• Behaviors: Your behavior is how you implement the attitudes that you have adopted towards situations and people.

When people positively change their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors they open the doors to new possibilities. Life success depends on the ability to change and be willing to learn new ways of thinking and doing things.

One of the techniques that successful people use to change their behavior is to model their personal and professional beliefs on someone in their field whom they admire and respect. Who is it that they admire and respect? When people find someone who is successful in a way that they themselves define success, they need to take a look at what these successful people are doing and how they are doing it.

Another thing that people should concentrate on is to ask themselves who they’re mixing with. If people find that they’re spending time with other people who wouldn’t be defined as successful then they need to start mixing with those people who do define success and are leading successful professional lives. This doesn’t mean that you leave behind those people in your life who have chosen poor goals. It only means that you start mixing with those people that have an attitude towards their life that is considered to be positive and winning.

What this means for you is that you encourage positive leadership and modeling in your life so that you are able to succeed and achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. Goals are personal to every individual so it’s up to you to set the bar when it comes to your attitude and determination.

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This Is Psychiatry – Inner Child Drawings

This Is Psychiatry – Inner Child Drawings
Originally uploaded by rehuxley.

The picture above is from a new set of altered art books I am currently working on…the point of it was to explore my own inner child artist. How do you empower your inner child and what is it that gives that part of you life and excitement vs what drags it down? Sometimes we get so caught up in the role of parenting that we forget how to be a child again. Play with your child can bring this out. Unfortunately, many parents don’t like to or won’t play with their kids. Do you struggle with this issue? If not, how do you get around it and play so freely with your child(ren)?

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Who Is Leading

Who Is Leading
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Units of Time

Units of Time
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“Changed Man”

“Changed Man”
By Ron Huxley

After he had made the decision
he went from house to house
giving gifts, shaking hands,
doing an occasional bit of yard work
or house repair. The decision came
slowly, unwillingly actually
until that night when the
stranger came to town.
Before that time,
he spent most of his time
making money and ignoring his
family and friends.
After that time, no one
recognized him – at first –
and most didn’t believe it
but as time went by they were all
forced to admit that he really
was a changed man.

The Cookie From the Cookie Jar

The Cookie From the Cookie Jar
By Ron Huxley

She was told NO.
She did wait for a while.
She played in her room.
Watched a cartoon.
Fed her stuffed animals lunch.
But they had to have dessert, didn’t they?
They Meowed with hunger!
So hungry.
She didn’t want to wake mom from her nap.
Mom probably meant NO after breakfast.
Not after lunch.
Why did she feel so bad wiping up all the crumbs?
Why did she run to her room?
Was that mom’s footsteps coming?
Why did the stuffed animals growl?
Maybe it was their fault?
The room is so dark.