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Concert in the Park (a Haibun)

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“Do I order the chicken with the menu or just go to the front,” I asked the young girl behind the counter. She had no makeup, no smile, no speed in reply. Finally I got the gesture to go to the casheir to get my food. It required me to walk back a couple of asiles to get to the back of the line.

Three chicken pieces

Three potatoe slices for dollar

Barbeque sauce please

The smell made me hungry but I was resolved to wait till I got to the park. Hitching the fold up chair over one shoulder, I flip-flopped my way around the next block to the cool grass, hot music, and smooth conversation.

Dancers jerk, sway, swoon

Couples unashamed, such fun

I felt so alone.

Amazing how many people come out to these things. I only recognized one person but having only been here a few months, that wasn’t suprising. I wished I did recognize more… I tried to find someone from the church I might know.

As the light got low, I settled down and got into the rythym. Maybe it was the food. Maybe I got tired of feeling sorry for myself. Maybe it was the cooler night air. It didn’t matter.

Pack it, Walk it home

Move to the music of the heart

The sounds of the night, silent.


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