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How To Remain Calm When Dealing With An Angry Person

How To Remain Calm When Dealing With An Angry Person

An effective method for keeping your cool with an angry person is to concede his right to feel the way he does, even if you disagree. Using an “acknowledgment strategy” allows you to remain calm and objective without having to defend yourself.

Then using reflective listening skills show that you sympathize and understand your attacker’s feelings. This action tends to defuse the conflict. A sympathetic response keeps you from fighting with the person and allows you to zero in on the sources of the conflict. Here are some examples of statements that acknowledge another person’s feelings:

“After telling you that you got left behind, I can see why you are feeling upset.”

“Now that I know you are interested in me, it makes perfect sense that you would be upset by me ignoring you.”

“From what you’ve described, I think you have a perfect right to be upset.”

When you remain composed under pressure, it also encourages the other person to calm down and talk more rationally. By carefully listening you may discover that the angry person has:

• Magnified an incident out of proportion
• Misunderstood information
• Interpreted your statement or action as a personal attack
• Picked a fight to cover up a larger issue
• Made you aware of a genuine complaint that you need to address


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