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What Does He Mean By That?

What Does He Mean By That?

Everyone has had trouble trying to interprete someone’s intentions. Sometimes it’s hard to know if someone is disrespecting you and being rude
or if that is just the way they communicate. Most relationships run into trouble when one person misunderstands the other. Use these simple tips to help you navigate the confusing waters of human communication.

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The purpose of good listening is to gain maximum understanding. Many people are tuned in only to the words of a speaker or to the body language or the tone of voice and do not listen to the whole message. In understanding a message, each of these is important.

In order to hear the entire message, keep in mind the following points:

1. Think about the specific words the speaker is saying.

2. Maintain an eye contact with the speaker. You cannot read body language without looking at the speaker. Eye contact tells him that you are listening.

3. Engage your mind to interpret his body language. You may intuitively understand it because much of what is sent nonverbally is subconsciously understood. If you feel your emotions are coloring your understanding, do an awareness check.

4. Watch facial expressions and how the speaker uses his hands and arms. These will give you the most information on his nonverbal communication.

5. Listen to his tone of voice. Is it consistent with his words?

6. Interpret the complete message when he has finished. Respond to what you think he is saying and then listen carefully to his response to you.

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