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Daily Love Notes

Valentine Boxes All Year Round


There are many ways to show love for family members. However, in our family, we don’t write to each other as much as we talk to each other or do acts of service. So, for one of our family activities we decided to make a family mail system.


Outside Mom and Dad’s bedroom door we made a family post office. Each of us have our own mail box, with flag to indicate when there is a message we need to pick up.


Our family is loving this! I spend moments each day writing love notes my family will want to keep forever, and depositing small gifts into the boxes. Everyone else does the same. My small children come to me and say, ???Mom, your flag is up, you better go check your mailbox.???


They can’t wait for me to see the love notes they have put in my box. ???Mom, you are the best mom ever! Love, Londyn???


When I read the notes some of the children blush a bit or turn away. They have written things they normally wouldn’t say. Really kind, mushy things like, ???Mom, I love when you sing me songs.???


I think we are really going to love having those mail boxes in the hall to remind us to tell others how much we love and appreciate them.


I’m pretty sure these boxes will end up being our fun new Valentine boxes for 2012. This activity is also teaching my children how to write a letter, and why spelling is important.


Making A Post Office


This is what we did. We ordered small metal mail boxes from Oriental trading for $2 each. Then we decorated them how we wanted to. Then Dad used a long screw and a washer and screwed each one to the wall.


Happy Valentines Day! 


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Ron Huxley Writes: Daily love notes is an excellent way to keep children engaged and promote strong family connections. What would you put in a note to your child?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this idea. I am raising my grandchildren, even adopting them in a few months. We are in therapy and my therapist sent this to me…..WONDERFUL. We need all the love and attention we can get. The kids need to learn to express a positive love. They also need to learn to recieve a positive love back. This may well do the trick.Thanks very much,Earlene

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