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Our Creative Mothers

Creative Mothers

“The mother’s heart,” Henry Ward Beecher once noted, “is the child’s schoolroom.”

I hope everyone had a great mothers day yesterday. Share your stories or anecdotes about the ways Mothers have had an creative influence on you. Was your mother creative? Did she encourage creativity in you? If so, how?

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Attitudes, Beliefs and Behavior Determine Goals

Attitudes, Beliefs and Behavior Determine Goals

Make these tools more effective by “speaking” up and sharing your creative voice on how you are using goals in your life, what you struggle with creatively, where you need to grow or change to be more creative.

There are three important elements for your personal and professional success: (1) the attitude that you have toward your personal and professional life, (2) the beliefs you model your personal and business life around, and (3) the behavior that you have towards yourself and others. These three elements are tightly connected and interwoven, and can either make or break the personal and professional confidence with which you set, and meet, your goals.

Let’s break these three elements down even further.

• Attitudes: Attitudes are the ways that you react to situations, and to people, based on the assumptions and the beliefs that you have learned.
• Beliefs: Your beliefs are the conjectures that you make about yourself, other people, and situations. Your beliefs are based on what you think and how you think things are. Your beliefs will make you react the way that you do and cause your expectations to remain within a certain framework of thoughts.
• Behaviors: Your behavior is how you implement the attitudes that you have adopted towards situations and people.

When people positively change their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors they open the doors to new possibilities. Life success depends on the ability to change and be willing to learn new ways of thinking and doing things.

One of the techniques that successful people use to change their behavior is to model their personal and professional beliefs on someone in their field whom they admire and respect. Who is it that they admire and respect? When people find someone who is successful in a way that they themselves define success, they need to take a look at what these successful people are doing and how they are doing it.

Another thing that people should concentrate on is to ask themselves who they’re mixing with. If people find that they’re spending time with other people who wouldn’t be defined as successful then they need to start mixing with those people who do define success and are leading successful professional lives. This doesn’t mean that you leave behind those people in your life who have chosen poor goals. It only means that you start mixing with those people that have an attitude towards their life that is considered to be positive and winning.

What this means for you is that you encourage positive leadership and modeling in your life so that you are able to succeed and achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. Goals are personal to every individual so it’s up to you to set the bar when it comes to your attitude and determination.

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This Is Psychiatry – Inner Child Drawings

This Is Psychiatry – Inner Child Drawings
Originally uploaded by rehuxley.

The picture above is from a new set of altered art books I am currently working on…the point of it was to explore my own inner child artist. How do you empower your inner child and what is it that gives that part of you life and excitement vs what drags it down? Sometimes we get so caught up in the role of parenting that we forget how to be a child again. Play with your child can bring this out. Unfortunately, many parents don’t like to or won’t play with their kids. Do you struggle with this issue? If not, how do you get around it and play so freely with your child(ren)?

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Letting Go: A Creativity Principle

So many of us desperately want to be MORE creative. That isn’t a bad thing! Unfortunately, so many of us feel frustrated in our efforts to be more creative. We encounter creative blocks and dry spells and can’t find our voice. What happens if you take the “I want” out of “I want more creativity?”


There is a creative principle of letting go that allows us to get more. Why? I really don’t know but it has something to do with moving into alignment with creative energy and stop our striving and grasping that causing true creativity to slip from our fingers.

Let go of the NEED to find creativity and allow creativity to need you, find you, increase in you…

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Keeping a Dream Diary

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Keeping a Dream Diary

To experience creative dreaming it is essential to come into better contact with your dreams. Psychologists have revealed that each of us dreams every night. However and unfortunately most of our dreams are forgotten. Thus, keeping a dream diary is helping in retaining the information longer. The building of the dream diary will demonstrate over a period of time, that you recall more and more of your dreams by being more aware of them. Regular discussion of your dreams and diaries will also help in understanding them, any themes running through them and unconscious ideas.

Before falling asleep, go over the following several times: ‘Tonight I dream; when I awake I will remember my dreams’

On awakening in the morning, lie quietly, do not open your eyes, and let you mind dwell on your initial thoughts. These initial thoughts could remind you of your last dream prior to awakening and with practice allow you to remember more and more of the dreams details.

A notebook is essential alongside your bed, to record a diary of your dreams. You could try sketching your dreams or use a tape-recorder to record middle of the night dreams. The following morning these tapes could be translated into the dream diary.

Essential, keep the daily diary, try not to miss days out.

Source: http://www.mycoted.com/creativity/techniques/dreamdiary.php

Use your voice (and click the Speak link below): Share your dreams for your life? Have you ever found some insight into a problem you have had from a dream? Do you believe it is possible to get directions from your dreams on how to be more creative, solve a problem, reach a goal, etc?

Creative Ingredients

I was just wondering what the three basic ingredients of Creativity might be if I was limited to just listing three. Why three? I don’t know but it seems like such a simple number and expresses simplicity for all. As in, it is as easy as “1-2-3.” Or maybe that is as far as my lil brain could think about right now without overloading. Either way, here are the three things I thought about:

  • Discipline
  • Attitude
  • Community
  • I will talk more about my thoughts in further posts. In the meantime, what do these three ingredients for creativity mean to you? Do you agree or disagree? Click the comments link below…

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    Praying for Creativity?

    “Don’t Forget to Bring Your Umbrella”

    One summer, a drought threatened the crop in a small town. On a hot and dry Sunday, the village spiritual leader told villagers, “There isn’t anything that will save us except to pray for rain. Go home, pray, believe, and come back next Sunday ready to thank God for sending rain.”

    The people did as they were told and returned to the village the following Tuesday. But as soon as the spiritual leader saw them, he recognized the problem immediately. “We can’t worship today. You do not yet believe,” he said. “But,” they protested, “we prayed, and we do believe.” “Believe?” he responded. “Then where are your umbrellas?”

    What metaphors can you apply to your life from this story? What would the creativity counterpart to the umbrella be in your search for a more creative life? Are you experiencing a dry spell, creatively speaking? What does the power of belief have to do with an outpouring of creative energy?

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